Tuesday, 13 October 2020

The Scillies Photo Diary Part 2


The main issue relating to the Scillies this autumn is the weather! Gale force winds have swept the islands for over a week! The wind direction has been from the north and west and like much of the mainland it has been accompanied with plenty of rain too! Few birds have left the island albeit many have arrived since the weather abated. Fortunately there are quite a few common birds on the islands so at times like this I go about trying to photograph some of the common species, some of which are more common than on the mainland.


Neil M

Female Blackbird digging
in the beach for invertebrates.

Dunnock consuming a
Crane Fly.

Male House Sparrow.

The dogs are enjoying
the beaches - Jaeger covered
in sand.

Lapland Bunting, also having
just consumed a Crane Fly!

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