Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday birds...


Efforts at locating yesterday's Firecrest at Hanging Houghton today failed to find the bird.

A single 40 foot net in the garden succeeded in catching 55 birds which included two male Sparrowhawks, a Goldcrest, two Marsh Tits, four Coal Tits and nine Goldfinches. One of the Sparrowhawks was a re-trap bird (hatched 2013) first ringed in the garden in November 2014, the second bird was a new bird and aged as a second calendar year bird (hatched in 2014).

An afternoon's scanning from the dam at Pitsford Reservoir provided views of the Red-necked Grebe (still between the dam and Moulton Grange Bay), the adult Caspian Gull, a Green Sandpiper and a Grey Wagtail.

For anyone wishing to see Otters locally, it seems that Ravensthorpe Reservoir is the hot-spot at the moment with three animals being seen regularly (presumably from the road causeway between the villages of Coton and Ravensthorpe) including this morning...


Neil M

Adult male Sparrowhawk

Second calendar year
male Sparrowhawk

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