Monday, 1 June 2020

Black Terns, Quail and lots of butterflies!

An image of New Zealand
Pigeons or Kereru, a picture
from the other side of the world
by Caroline Chambers!


More sunshine today with a moderate and sometimes blustery breeze and with some cloud cover too.

Two Cattle Egrets were reported at Stanwick Pits again this morning and single Common Sandpipers were noted at Sywell Country Park and Summer Leys LNR. A little later in the day and two Black Terns materialised over the main lake and stayed into the evening.

Another afternoon find was a Quail heard calling in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton. Initially it was calling from a small grassy area but was probably flushed and ended up in the wheat field on the right hand side of the track travelling from the Brampton Valley Way. A Kingfisher was again along the brook there.

Insects in general were very high profile today, the weather surely permitting excellent emergent conditions. Butterflies seen in the county today included the first Marbled White of the year, possibly over seventy Black Hairstreaks at Glapthorn Cow Pastures and up to three Clouded Yellows at Blueberry Farm and towards Cottesbrooke. Big hatches of Meadow Brown, Orange-tip and Small Tortoiseshell were on the wing in NN6 and I saw my first Brown Hawker of the season today.

A ringing session is planned at Harrington Airfield tomorrow which requires there to be access restrictions to the areas around the bunkers and old runway. It will still be possible to walk along the main concrete track and nearby footpaths.


Neil M

Helophilus pendulus.

Mimic Hoverfly
Volucella bombylans

Blue Tit. The adults are looking
tatty now, it's hard work bringing
up a Blue Tit family!
Image by John Tilly.

Female House Sparrow
courtesy of John Tilly.

Starling. The juveniles are
out now! Image courtesy
of Robin Gossage.

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