Sunday, 29 March 2020

More windy weather!


Another cold and windy day but at least there were periods of sunshine too.

A Barn Owl was sitting on a fence post near Lamport this morning and a pair of adult Peregrine were hurtling around in the gusts at Harrington Airfield with a single bird again near Hanging Houghton.

Other than that it has been a case of watching over the garden birds again and last night seeing two Badgers rummaging around in the village!

Regards and stay safe!

Neil M

Goldfinch courtesy of John Tilly.
Very much a garden bird that brightens
up the place!

Long-tailed Tit courtesy
of Robin Gossage. Now paired
up or in threes, the Long-tailed
Tits are already building their
amazing domed nests.

More Pied Wagtails! The first
two images relate to a first year
female and the bottom image relates
to a first year male bird which was
ringed recently.  It seems there are four birds
 visiting our garden for the dried mealworms

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