Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Garden birds


Another beautiful and sunny day, this time with a very gentle south easterly breeze would have been ideal birding conditions to be out and about and watch spring unfurl.

Instead I conducted a little bird ringing in the garden for a couple of hours this morning, processing a very modest 23 birds of eleven species, the highlight perhaps being a Redwing.

Other birds seen in the garden today included a Treecreeper and because we broadcast mixed seed on the ground which is perfect for the buntings it is always a privilege to watch quite a collection of Yellowhammers and Reed Buntings feeding on the back lawn with the Chaffinches.

Overhead and Fieldfares moved over in smaller flocks now, a few Redwings and Meadow Pipits filtered north and we were entertained by a couple of Ravens, a Sparrowhawk and of course plenty of Red Kites and Common Buzzards! Enforced garden birding but not bad under the circumstances!

A short excursion to Harrington Airfield yielded little else with at least one and maybe two pairs of Grey Partridge on-site.

Elsewhere and Graham Martin's excursion to Salcey Forest was good for locating a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker near to the Old Pits. This is the time of the year and the weather to go looking for them!


Neil M

Smeagol the spaniel
loves water, any water!

Male Reed Bunting.

Male Yellowhammer.

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