Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Feeding the birds!


At least one Grey Wagtail and a Water Rail were at Brixworth Water Treatment Works this morning and a visit to Pitsford Reservoir this afternoon provided views of a Great White Egret and sixteen Little Egrets flying to roost, a third winter Yellow-legged Gull and a Kingfisher.

With bird food running out it was time for a visit to Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds at Great Easton, Rutland. We came away with literally a ton of bird food which filled Eleanor's vehicle and will help to keep the ten active feeding stations going for December and much of January...and the garages are now officially full of split peanuts, mixed seed, sunflower hearts, black sunflower, nyger seed, wheat, dried mealworms, oil seed rape and various fat/suet products !


Neil M

Male Chaffinch.

Stock Dove.

Two of the species catered for
at some of the active feeding
stations this coming winter.
Images courtesy of John Tilly.

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