Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Pochard, Barn Owls and more!


Little opportunity for birding today but others braved the elements and saw a few things out there!

Birds reported at Summer Leys today included a Great White Egret, two Snipe, a Common Scoter, a Green Sandpiper and a Hobby. Nick Parker witnessed a Marsh Harrier flying south over Titchmarsh Reserve, Thrapston at 11.10am and this afternoon Gary Pullen located a Rock Pipit on one of the tern rafts at Daventry Country Park.

A few interesting recoveries of ringed birds as follows...

Roger Eads successfully photographed a female Pochard at Pitsford Reservoir on 5th September 2019 sporting a nasal saddle inscribed LLP. This bird was ringed at Saint-Philbert-De-Grand-Lieu France on 19th January 2017 and seen there again on 10th May 2018. This is one of several such marked Pochard that have emanated from France and then subsequently been seen at Pitsford.

A Blue Tit that was ringed as a nestling in a box at Hargrave, Northants on 11th May 2019 was recaptured by a ringer at Old Weston, Cambridgeshire on 13th September. Although in a different county this bird travelled just 10km in a north easterly direction.

A juvenile Garden Warbler ringed at Stortons Pits on 5th August 2018 was re-captured at Queen Mary Reservoir, Surrey on 7th August 2019 (367 days later), presumably on its way south to Africa for the second time in its short life.


Neil M

Pochard courtesy
of Roger Eads.

Chris Payne has been checking
nest boxes in the south of the county
today and found a healthy brood of
Barn Owls at one site!
 Images courtesy of Chris.

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