Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Creatures of Bieszczady


Very little in the way of birds locally to report on, spring seems to be passing us by here in the Brixworth/Hanging Houghton area! A Grey Wagtail was at Kelmarsh Hall this evening and I saw a Raven flying over the M1 just north of Watford village this morning.

However Greg Buck from Chipping Warden kindly emailed to inform us of a Black Redstart in the village on Sunday (15th April) which remained for about an hour and a half. A very scarce bird in the UK and their status in Northamptonshire hasn't changed much over the years with regular but scant records mostly in spring and autumn.

I'm not long back from an excursion to south east Poland, in particular looking in and around the Bieszczady National Park and surrounding forests close to the Ukraine and Slovakian borders. The tour was mostly to try and find the elusive and rare mammals that inhabit this region but of course we came across plenty of birds and other wildlife of interest. I haven't formatted all the images yet but a few below for your viewing...


Neil M

Camberwell Beauty
butterfly feeding on a
Wolf scat!

Pine Marten.
The first image
shows it eating a
Common Lizard.

European Bison.

Lesser Spotted Eagle.

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