Friday, 20 April 2018

A day of surprises !!

A strange day. Initially there were blue skies and warm sunshine with the sound of bird song quite deafening as I walked the dogs . I had to go to Marston Trussell as I drove towards my destination it became increasingly misty and finally quite foggy !!  After my appointment I had to take a detour home due to roadworks and found myself on the single track road between Marston Trussell and Clipston. It is a road that I haven't been along for a few years but it is high up and has interesting looking grass fields at its highest point. I had my young collie with me so decided to walk him along the road as the grass fields were full of sheep/lambs and I'm trying to get him used to sheep etc.  Of course I am birding as I walk and was pleased to see 2 male Northern Wheatears. Whilst Jaeger sat and watched the sheep I scanned the fields and hopping around in the field was a lovely male Ring Ouzel. Another bird of the same size and jizz disappeared from my view over a ridge in the field . I never saw it again but suspect that it was another Ring Ouzel.
Later whilst in Kettering town centre I was very surprised to see and hear a Grey Wagtail in full song !!

Regards Eleanor

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