Monday, 12 March 2018

Dull and wet but still some birds!


A dull, dank day with yet more rain today! Despite the rain and relatively high temperatures of the last week we still have lying snow in NN6, an indication of how big the drifts were two week-ends ago!

Our garden hosted twenty Reed Buntings today plus small numbers of Yellowhammers and common finches and we still seem to be feeding plenty of migrant Blackbirds as they tuck in to the food in order to gain more weight prior to their departure north and east of here.

A walk at Harrington Airfield this afternoon during a spell of no rain was productive with sightings of a hunting Barn Owl, a fly-over Raven, two pairs of Grey Partridge and a migrant Chiffchaff.

The gull roost at Pitsford Reservoir later this afternoon contained a first winter Mediterranean Gull.

A Blue Tit ringed at Stortons Pits on 12th January 2014 turned up in a mist net at Brigstock in the garden of ringer Colin Graham of the Rockingham Forest Ringing Group on 20th February 2018. Where it has been during the interim four years is a mystery. Colin explained that he had an influx of Blue Tits at the time ahead of the forthcoming cold weather. Many tits it seems leave the woods and open countryside during the autumn and seek out easy food placed out for them in gardens in our villages and towns. At the end of the winter and early spring these birds begin to filter back in to breeding habitat and of course some of them re-locate into pastures new...


Neil M

Blue Tit
courtesy of John Tilly.

courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

Mediterranean Gull
 (right hand bird).

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