Saturday, 17 March 2018

Back to winter again!


With snow on the ground right now and apparently plenty more overnight, tomorrow might be interesting!

With strong winds all day, flurries of snow and a real drop in temperature during this afternoon, it really was a blast of winter again today. However the morning and early afternoon provided plenty of sunshine and spells of quite reasonable weather.

Two Stoats chasing each other around in the Brampton Valley were the best wildlife on offer for Eleanor today, although the Barn Owl was hunting there again this afternoon. A Fieldfare came into the garden this morning and enjoyed an apple lunch, feeding up before the snow hit.

We finally had a dump of frog spawn in our little garden pond a couple of nights back, I just hope it survives this cold snap!

Birds for me today were minimal but a couple of Siskins were attracted to the feeders at Scotland Wood on the Kelmarsh Estate and the gull roost at Pitsford Reservoir attracted a second winter Caspian Gull briefly.


Neil M

The Kelmarsh Estate
British White Cattle.

Red Kite,
courtesy of Bethan Clyne.

Monochrome Mute Swan,
courtesy of Bethan Clyne.

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