Friday, 7 July 2017

Round Up

For me it has been a quiet week. Although I have been out and about I haven't really seen anything different. The Turtle Doves, Grey Partridge and Sedge Warbler remain at Harrington Airfield and a singing Grasshopper Warbler near Blueberry.
This morning I was at Brixworth Country Park and had 3 Crossbills flying around and an Osprey fishing just off Pintail Bay. Typically I couldn't see the moment it caught a fish as the hedge obscured my view.
Plenty of butterflies on the wing. Looks as if it will be a good year. Nice to see so many Marbled White butterflies around, one of my favourite butterflies.
The highlight of today was superb views of the Red Arrows as they came low and slow over Scaldwell, shame that my camera let me down. !!

Dave Francis has been busy ringing at Pitsford during the week.
On 4th July visited the Tern Rafts and ringed a further 19 young Common Terns bringing the total for the season to 46 so far. There may be more to ring in a few weeks as there are still some nests with eggs.  Dave had a bit of difficulty reaching a couple of the rafts due to the low water level !
The following day, 5th July Dave completed visit 7 of the CES monitoring.  54 birds were caught which is below average for this time of year and again the main issue was a lack of tit flocks and at this time of year they often contain juvenille finches and warblers.
Wren 12.  Robin 8.  Chiffchaff 7.  Dunnock 6. Blackcap 4.  Blackbird 4.  Bluetit 3.  Treecreeper 2.  Marsh Tit 2.  Bullfinch 2.  Song Thrush 2.  Garden Warbler 1 and Sparrowhawk 1.

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