Monday, 12 June 2017

Bees and Bee Orchids


Interesting birds at Harrington Airfield seemed to be restricted to just a few Grey Partridges today, although Roger Eads found a swarm of bees in a hawthorn bush (picture below)! The orchids are looking very good there at the moment, Common Spotted dominating but also small pockets of Bee Orchids too. Please note that there will be bird ringing in operation there tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday morning and the old airstrip and bunkers will be out of bounds. The concrete track and footpaths remain unaffected.


Neil M

Bee swarm by Roger Eads.

Birds in the hand by Jacob Spinks.
The very pale eye and solid shawl of
grey on the Jackdaw is typical of a mature
 bird, the males being marginally larger.
The ruby red eye of the Collared Dove
also indicates maturity, but these doves
can breed all year round and ageing can be

As highlighted by Chris Payne, quite
poignant for the time of the year with
lots of young birds about!

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