Sunday, 11 June 2017

And a breezy Sunday too!

Flying Fortress over
Welford this afternoon.

I spent the morning completing another Common Bird Census at Pitsford Reservoir today in warm and pleasant conditions with it becoming progressively windier as the day progressed. The White-fronted Goose was still on-site and Jacob also saw two second summer Caspian Gulls. The Oystercatchers continue to feed their remaining youngster and scarcer residents included several Marsh Tits and a Willow Tit.

At this time of the year insects often take centre stage and the warm sunshine created an environment for many to emerge and show themselves. Butterflies on the reserve today included Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large Skipper, Small Copper and Brown Argus. The new ponds in the Walgrave Bay created last year were sheltered and provided a haven for dragonflies, namely Blue Emperor, Broad-bodied Chaser and Four-spotted Chaser.

Jacob heard the Grasshopper Warbler near Scaldwell village again today and Eleanor heard the usual one in it's weedy field between Lamport and Blueberry Farm. Harrington Airfield continued to host two Turtle Doves, a pair of Grey Partridge and a Sedge Warbler continues to sing from a patch of dense vegetation there.


Neil M

Oystercatcher. An adult was ringed on-site
several years ago and a ringed individual
comes back every year to breed. We haven't
been able to read the ring each year but assume
it is the same long-lived individual.

Meadow Brown butterfly.

Speckled Wood butterfly.


Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly.

Blue Emperor dragonfly.

Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly.

Garden Warbler.

Brown Argus butterfly.

Red Kite.

All wildlife images taken at
 Pitsford Reservoir today.

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