Thursday, 9 March 2017

'Tis the start of the breeding season!


As we advance in to spring (I'm sure we'll have some more wintery weather to contend with yet) our resident birds are preparing themselves for the next breeding season. This includes securing a territory, finding a mate, singing and of course identifying suitable nesting sites.

Of course some birds are already well ahead with birds such as Rooks and Carrion Crows having already patched up or re-built nests, and some pairs of Robins, Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes will have constructed their new nests of the year. Cormorants, Grey Herons, Ravens and some Tawny Owls will already be on eggs and some species such as the Woodpigeon and Collared Dove never stop or just have brief interludes in mid-winter of no breeding activity...


Neil M

John Gamble captured some
images of this Nuthatch examining
a cavity at Abington Park on Monday -
no doubt checking to see if it is a suitable
nesting site.

The Stock Dove enjoys a long breeding
season although they tend not to breed all
year round like some of their close relatives.

Image courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

Collared Dove taking advantage of
Cathy Ryden's feeding station...

Image courtesy of Cathy

Male Sparrowhawk hoping to make
use of Cathy Ryden's feeding station -
in a slightly different way!

Image courtesy of Cathy.

The Cormorant has a very long
breeding season with the construction
of nests from February and with young
in the nest as late as the end of September.

Image courtesy of Jacob.

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