Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hungry Cormorant!


No birding opportunities for me or Eleanor today but Lyn and John Hunt saw the Slavonian Grebe on the old Barclaycard Pit from the North Hide at Thrapston GP this morning...

Some more images from John Gamble and Cathy Ryden for our grateful perusal...


Neil M

John Gamble photographed this
Cormorant trying to subdue an eel last
 week at Lodmoor, Dorset. Apparently
it was successful and despite
its wriggling the eel was consumed.

More atmospheric images from the Wash in Norfolk
of the mobile flocks of Knot over the mud
and shallow waters, courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

Fox Cub by Cathy Ryden.

Tree Sparrow by Cathy Ryden.

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