Thursday, 3 November 2016

Goldfinches and friends...


Chris Payne has been ringing in South Northants this week with another go in his garden at Greens Norton on Tuesday providing nineteen new Goldfinches. It seems that his garden is the epicentre for Goldfinches locally! Yesterday (Wednesday) and the site at Bradden produced a catch of 51 birds which was made up of 23 Great Tits, 18 Blue Tits, a Coal Tit, a Nuthatch, a Robin, a Dunnock, two Wrens and four Chaffinches. 

It seems that Great Tits fared better than Blue Tits in the awful spring weather we suffered in the county this year if the ringing returns are anything to go by. Robins seem to have enjoyed a good year again but it was only the later broods of Wrens that produced plenty of surviving youngsters.


Neil M

Recent images from the Sailing Club
at Pitsford Reservoir (two depicting
the Ruddy Shelduck) courtesy of
Clive Beasley.

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