Sunday, 23 October 2016



It seemed that wherever I was today there were flocks of Linnets about. By way of example early this morning a mobile flock at Harrington Airfield numbered exactly 235 - it's easy to count them when they line up side by side on some wires!

Other birds at or over the disused airfield included just one male Brambling around the seed with Chaffinches at the start of the concrete track, a covey of 11/12 Grey Partridges, just 10 Golden Plovers, a mobile flock of 8 Tree Sparrows and of course lots of migrating thrushes. Sadly there was no sign of the Yellow-browed Warbler or Ring Ouzels of the last couple of days and although there were plenty of birds about I failed to connect with anything scarce or rare.

Eleanor was unable to find the Ring Ouzels at Staverton today but the four Ravens were still present.

The future land usage at Blueberry Farm is still uncertain but it appears likely that following the expiry of the seta-side grant scheme the land will return to main-line agriculture. Most of the fields have been cut and today this was proving attractive to at least 12 Red Kites and 6 Common Buzzards.


Neil M

Linnets in winter plumage.
Courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

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