Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ringing at Brixworth


A busy day bird ringing at the Anglian Water treatment works near Brixworth provided 77 interesting captures. This total included 30 Swallows, 26 of which were new, one was a re-trapped bird from 2014 and three were controls from elsewhere. We also managed to catch some House Martins, 21 in total, which were all new individuals. 

Other birds caught which are typical of this site included a Grey Wagtail, four Pied Wagtails and four Yellow Wagtails, all of which were new. Familiar species included three Reed Buntings and four Starlings and there was further variety in the shape of a Carrion Crow, a Magpie, two Blackcaps and two Linnets.

As we were packing up this afternoon a Hobby hurtled through...


Neil M

Carrion Crow.

Courtesy on Neil Hasdell.


The underside of adult Swallows
 is very variable in the spring
with some birds showing a great deal
of deep rusty red colouration.
In addition it is generally possible
to determine the gender of most birds
by measuring the length of the tail
streamers on the sixth tail feather and also
the measurement from the tip of the
sixth feather and the tip of the first
 tail feather. Males have the longest
tail streamers and also the longest distance
between the sixth and first feathers.

Bottom three images courtesy
of  Chris Payne.

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