Thursday, 3 March 2016

Recent ringing recoveries...


Nick Wood has kindly circulated some more ringing recoveries as processed by the Ringing Unit at the BTO...

One relates to a young male Blackcap that was caught and ringed near Faro on the Algarve in Portugal on 13th October 2012, which was then next located in a mist net at Linford Lakes on the outskirts of Milton Keynes on 27th September 2015. This bird has obviously travelled a great deal during this period but the line drawn between the two sites is 1746km over a period of 1079 days. It would be fair to assume that this Blackcap was either wintering in Portugal or en-route further south when first captured. The recapture date suggests it was just about to wing it's way south when caught again...

A young female Great Tit was caught and ringed at Stanford Reservoir on 27th September 2015 and ended up being recaptured here at Hanging Houghton on 16th January 2016. In contrast to the Blackcap, she had only travelled 17km to find our feeders!

The injured Barn Owl found at Hanging Houghton on 15th February 2016 (which subsequently died) had first been ringed as an adult female at nearby Maidwell on 29th September 2011. This is fairly typical as Barn Owls tend to be rather sedentary.


Neil M


Great Tit

Barn Owl

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