Friday, 4 September 2015

Here come the finches?


Yesterday (Thursday) and Eleanor saw four Redstarts still in the hedging between Walgrave village and Pitsford Reservoir. No sign of the Pied Fly or Spotted Flys though...

At Blueberry Farm there were four Whinchats and a Redstart in the northern-most field of the complex plus four Ravens over.

Today (Friday) and Eleanor's dog-walking duties provided an opportunity to see some local birds. However Harrington Airfield was again very quiet but Blueberry Farm provided birds at it's southern edge amounting to four Whinchats, a Redstart and six Ravens.

Siskins continue to filter through in small numbers but this afternoon a flock of fifteen flew south over Hanging Houghton as did a single vocal Brambling. It seems that the finches are moving very early this autumn, born out with a significant movement of Chaffinches last week-end. A cool air-stream from the north may be a significant influence, but with Siskins and Crossbills moving since June, is there a problem with food-stocks in Northern Europe?


Neil M

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