Friday, 3 July 2015



With the recent rapid increase in both day-time and night-time temperatures, the insect populations have now gone in to overdrive! All of a sudden there are good numbers of butterflies and moths and plenty of other flying insects too.

We were spoilt at the Bird Club outdoor meeting on Wednesday with a tremendous array of beautiful moths and other mini-beasts on show for us, courtesy of Mischa, Bob Gill and others. David Arden's excellent local knowledge also paid off when he was able to show us active nests of two species of raptor on the reserve, affording excellent views of the big nestlings without causing any disturbance.

My thanks also to Sarah Gibbs for again making the premises available to us during quite a late evening, and for those who brought bat detectors along, washed up etc.


Neil M

Emperor Moth caterpillar

Brown China-Mark Moth (Lakenheath)

Both images courtesy of John Gamble

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly June 2015.

Disappearing Cockchafer or 'May Bug' May 2015.

Both images courtesy of Jean Dunn.
Presumably the Cockchafer was burying itself in
the ground to make preparations for the next

Weevil sp

Nettle Weevil

Both images courtesy of Robin Gossage.
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