Saturday, 13 June 2015

Rainy day birds

The persistent rain this morning increased my anticipation as I headed to Summer Leys once more. It's a little late in the season now for much migration to be happening, but there have been a number of good waders reported from surrounding counties lately. Alas I was to be disappointed on the wader front, Ringed Plover being the only unusual bird to report. The day was considerably brightened by the presence of two Black Terns catching insects over the main lake. These elegant marsh terns are always a pleasure to watch as they swoop and climb effortlessly backwards and forwards.
A further surprise was a pair of Garganey which were feeding in the weedy margins of Gull Island.
The usual suspects were still in evidence, the Med Gull appearing briefly and the young Shelducks increasing in size daily. The Oystercatcher chick was visible for the first time in nearly a week and has grown massively being hardly smaller than its parents now.
The 4 Redshank young are all flourishing and are moving between the islands of the scrape, which must be a little daunting when you are so little and haven't experienced water before.


                         Neil H.
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