Saturday, 21 March 2015

Agility Birds !!

I spent the morning at Staverton near Daventry attempting "agility" with Tor one of my dogs. It was quite an entertaining morning by both the antics of the dogs and by the birds present !!! Firstly I nearly fell over a tub of flowers as I was busy trying to locate a suspicious looking passerine on the roof of one of the buildings. It turned out to be a Black Redstart !!!
Most folk there were oblivious to the loud cronking and other weird and wonderful noises made by a pair of resident Ravens as they demonstrated their own style of ariel agility over our heads .
Finally the morning was rounded off nicely by the evocative calls of 2 Curlew as they flew over.
It is a good job that Tor was paying attention to the instructor as my ears and eye's were everywhere else !! That's the problem with birds......they just get in the way sometimes !!
A very blustery walk at nearby Borough Hill only produced another Raven, and a quick scan at Ravensthorpe Reservoir 2 Sand Martins.
I finished the day at Blueberry where I could only locate one pair of Stonechat and 2 Barn Owls.

Regards  Eleanor
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