Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekend Round Up

During the course of the weekend I have visited Blueberry area on several occasions. No new birds to report. At least one pair of Stonechat remain, along with 2 Barn Owls and frequent "fly overs" of a couple of vocal Ravens.
The feeding area at Harrington Airfield remains covered in thick mud and regularly disturbed by the steady stream of lorries which are continuing to bring lots of very smelly muck which will be spread onto the fields at a later date.  So birding here severely curtailed due to this disturbance and because the dogs are drawn to this muck like magnets !! yuk.
At Pitsford Reservoir this morning there were a pair of Smew and a Great White Egret north of the causeway and the 3 White Fronted Geese remain south of the causeway but very mobile.
I spoke to a local birder yesterday and he told me that he has a female Brambling and Blackcap in his garden at the moment, infact he had taken pictures of the Brambling.
Often I'm in and out throughout the day so perhaps do not appreciate the birds in my garden as much as I should, but as with so many folk this is where and how my passion for birds watching the birds visiting the garden.
I managed to spend a few hours tidying the garden today with my binoculars close at hand and by the end of the afternoon had notched up a good variety including Marsh Tit, Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Siskins, Grey Wagtail, Red Kite and Buzzard. Infact one of the Common Buzzards came through the garden literally a few feet from the ground. I could see why people might get worried that the Buzzard was going to take their cat or child.  A few minutes before the Buzzard did this low fly through I had been playing and training the dogs and I wonder whether it had spotted a discarded treat.
Whilst reading the local Harborough Mail newspaper I noted that up to 4 Otters have been reported last week along the town centre stretch of the river. The newspaper has also published a photograph of a Peregrine Falcon sitting on the roof of St Dionysius Church which is also in the town centre. So keep your eye's peeled if you are visiting Market Harborough.

Regards Eleanor
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