Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gannet at Pitsford Reservoir !!

Just thought I'd pop to Pitsford to look for any lingering Kittiwakes but all seemed quiet as I scanned round, so I moved onto my next task........walking the dogs !.  
I walked around the country park and inbetween  playing ball with the dogs I scanned the reservoir.  I had such a shock when I saw an immature Gannet cruising low over the water.
Games were abandoned as I watched in awe as the bird slowly circled around the Pintail Bay and headed off towards the causeway before reappearing and proceeded to dive into the water in front of me. 
It was with shaking hands that I tried to contact folk but getting the news out was also hampered by the fact I've got a new phone which I cannot use and I haven't managed to put any contact numbers in yet, sorry.
When I left at 10.30 it was sitting on the water between the Pintail Bay and gorse bushes.

Regards   Eleanor
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