Thursday, 4 September 2014

Gannet gallery


Gary Burrows has kindly forwarded a number of images (please see below) of one of our more imposing sea-birds, the North Atlantic Gannet.  The UK, as with many sea-birds in Europe, is particularly important as a safe breeding haven for this species and these images originate from the famous Bass Rock colony.

The Gannet it seems is a bird that is currently doing well with the national population still increasing or at least remaining stable. Many of the colonies, the majority of which are on off-shore islands, report increases in numbers.

There are few birding experiences that match the atmosphere of being on a boat with close-quarter Gannets diving head-first in to the waves for their quarry!  Very much 'built for the job', their fantastic calls as they peel off to dive is just something else...


Neil M

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