Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ruddy Shelduck


The pair of Ruddy Shelduck that have been present at Pitsford Reservoir since at least the end of last month, were still present off the yacht club this afternoon. Both are in moult and were actively preening, the male bird is already flightless awaiting the growth of new primary feathers. Two adult Yellow-legged Gulls were nearby, loafing on mid-water buoys.

On the reserve side of the reservoir, large numbers of moulting ducks and other waterfowl adorn the open water of the three bays and a Little Egret was seen to fly in to the heronry - giving rise to further speculation that this species may be trying to breed on-site this year.


Neil M

Female Ruddy Shelduck

Drake Ruddy Shelduck

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