Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pitsford pm


A walk around the Scaldwell Bay and part of the Walgrave Bay on the reserve section at Pitsford Res this afternoon was very warm and sunny (in between the heavy showers of this morning and this evening).  At this time of the year the meadows are noisy with the whirring and clicking of grasshoppers and bush-crickets and the thistle and knapweed flowers are adorned with common butterflies, day-flying moths and other nectar-seeking insects.  Literally thousands of Common Blue Damselflies cruise the air-space just above the water surface and the larger dragonflies of several species are continually on the hunt around the margins and woodland rides.

Birds this afternoon included a drake Red-crested Pochard in the Scaldwell Bay, three Wigeon, a Kingfisher, a few each of Marsh and Willow Tit in the mixed tit/warbler flocks, five Little Egrets and the very smart leucistic Great Crested Grebe still.


Neil M

Various views of Pitsford
Reservoir from the causeway

Great Crested Grebe

Gatekeeper butterfly

Six Spot Burnett Moth?

Distant shot of the eclipse
drake Red-crested Pochard
in the Scaldwell Bay

Three images of a juvenile
Water Rail at Summer Leys NR
courtesy of Simon Hales

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