Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pitsford CBC


A Common Bird Census took place on the reserve section of Pitsford Reservoir today in rather dull, sultry conditions.  Nothing remarkable was seen, although a singing Spotted Flycatcher in the Scaldwell Bay may be holding territory.  The singing Cuckoo is still present, being quite mobile around the Scaldwell and Walgrave Bays.  A few Gadwall remain on-site plus a drake Shoveler and of course the breeding Oystercatchers remain.  A single Raven flew through.

Only small numbers of Reed Warblers seem to be present this year and I only logged a single Sedge Warbler territory.  The Blackbirds on-site are quite curious inasmuch that there is very little in the way of territorial singing early in the season but they are particularly vocal later in the season associated with the attempts at second and third broods.  However the Song Thrush shows no such subtlety and their strident and far-carrying songs can be heard throughout the breeding season.


Neil M
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