Friday, 9 May 2014

More wet weather to come...


My apologies for the lack of blogs over the last two days. Numerous commitments for us both have ensured that birding opportunities were minimal.  The wet and cooler temperatures of the last few days is causing problems with the earlier broods of tits in nest boxes, as demonstrated today with a dead brood of Great Tits at Pitsford Res.  Tits still at the egg stage will be faring better, but this wet weather comes at a time when Long-tailed Tits are feeding youngsters in the nest with the very earliest broods even at the fledging stage. Dave Francis and Lynne Barnett were checking boxes there today but on a happier note were able to confirm another brood of Tawny Owls on-site.  So far this year, we have located four pairs of Tawny Owls using the boxes there, at least three of which have owlets.  However, lengthy spells of rain severely reduces the ability of adults to find sufficient food so we hope they manage their way through what is forecast a very wet week-end.

Visits to the Brampton Valley and Harrington Airfield over the last couple of days have failed to locate any birds of note.  Locally I am concerned at the apparent low numbers of Swallows, House Martins and Yellow Wagtails at their usual breeding haunts and just hope that some more individuals have yet to arrive.  Most of the warblers seem to be in reasonable or good numbers.

This week-end I am destined to commit to Banbury Ornithological Society Long Day Counts down in the south of the county and I think by this time tomorrow I might be a touch water-logged!


Neil M
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