Sunday, 25 May 2014

Back to the county!


We arrived back in the county early this morning after the long drive down from Scotland in very wet weather!

However sunny Northants lived up to it's reputation today with some superb sunshine for much of the day.

Eleanor took a walk at Harrington Airfield late this morning and located two 'purring' Turtle Doves in the bushes on the north west side of the complex.  This is a regular site for them but they are often very elusive and don't call particularly loudly.

A hunting Hobby was noted between Old and Pitsford Res and another pair were seen in NN6 clearly checking out a crow's nest.

I checked on the NN6 Raven nest today and found the adults with just one fledged juvenile in evidence.


Neil M

Mallard & ducklings

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