Wednesday, 23 April 2014

All beak and no trousers!


For much of the day, Neil Hasdell and I checked the large nest-boxes on the reserve at Pitsford Res and found three of them occupied by Tawny Owls with others occupied by Jackdaws, Stock Doves and Grey Squirrels!  Below are some images of a Tawny Owl chick and it's parent.

Other birds noted on the reserve today included a drake Scaup in the Holcot Bay (first seen by Robin Gossage on Saturday), two Common Terns, two Oystercatchers and two Goldeneye.

Eleanor located six Wheatears at Harrington Airfield - please see images below by Dave Jackson.

In the meantime, John Woollett, Chris Payne and John Boland managed to access a Raven nest in the south of the county and ringed the absolutely beautiful occupants!


Neil M

Tawny Owls at Pitsford Res
courtesy of Neil Hasdell

Wheatear at Harrington Airfield
courtesy of Dave Jackson

All beak and no trousers!
That's the Ravens not you Chris!

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