Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bits and Bobs

Today it was a case of snatching birding moments when I could.

Firstly whilst playing football in the field behind the house with the dogs there were 2 cronking Ravens and 4 Redpolls over . Whilst drinking coffee in the garden afterwards to recover I could hear the evocative calls of a couple of Red Kites and mewing call of the Common Buzzards as they had woken up and were clearly making the most of the bright and breezy weather.

I went for a run and again heard Ravens, probably the same two birds and a Grey Wagtail.

I then made a brief visit to Pitsford Reservoir to top up the feeders.  As I walked along to the main feeding station I noticed that the water appeared empty of birds. Why?  I then met a very unhappy birder who had his first ever visit to Pitsford ruined by the presence of 3 boats and 3 + men from DEFRA who were attempting to shoot the two remaining Ruddy Ducks which have been frequenting the Scaldwell Arm.  Of course this had severely disrupted and unnerved all the wildfowl.  I think this whole issue and handling raises so many questions, and it is actually quite a distressing sight to witness.

This afternoon I took Bazra and Tor on a good walk around Blueberry Farm where there were plenty of Common Buzzards,  including the stunning white individual, 4 Red Kites, a Barn Owl, a Grey Wagtail and a female Peregrine, the raptors finding the sun and wind to their liking and clearly enjoying themselves.


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