Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday Tidings !!

I decided to start my day with a run around the big side of Pitsford Reservoir. It was barely light when I started off and initially I flushed numerous "dozy" passerines out of the bushes and from the track !!  There were 2 Great White Egret together at the back of the Pintail Bay. However I noticed that the water level is now slightly higher and that water is being actively pumped in, which may make this bay less favourable for these birds.  Two drake Smew were in the Catwalk Bay.  As you can see I managed to spot all the "white" birds !!.
I had a small flock of Crossbills fly over calling as I reached the causeway and later I accidently disturbed them from the trees in the Catwalk Bay. Must be worth a closer look for the rarer two barred or parrot crossbill.
Other birds included 4+ Redpolls, 10 Siskin and Grey Wagtail.

Mid morning found me feeding the birds at Harrington Airfield. I only fed them yesterday but know that I have a couple of busy days ahead, so thought I'd better keep the birds topped up.  When I arrived at the entrance there was not a single bird to be seen or heard , but when I checked the ground I could understand why ?  as not a scrap of food left !!! It is a wonder any of the birds could fly after eating the amount I put out yesterday.
I fed them and did a short circuit round the airfield, which seemed quiet.  When I returned to my car the track and nearby bushes were alive with birds, including 10+ Brambling, some of which are in stunning plumage.

We maintain a number of small feeding stations in nearby local woods and other locations and one of many jobs today was to go and top up all the feeders.  So I took my handsome assistant and headed into the woods.  Again plenty of birds around, with Nuthatches, Marsh Tits, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Siskins being very vocal.  My assistant very kindly flushed out 3 or 4 Woodcock in Scotland Wood, as well as a lovely Roe Deer.
There were also 2 Raven and Red Kite in the area.

I checked the area where the Hume's Leaf Warbler was found and after a good 30 mins of searching it started to call and showed quite well for short periods at a time.
Neil has arranged access to this site for tomorrow.  Please see previous blogs for details.

Regards Eleanor
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