Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stormy Skokholm!


A big change in the weather here on Skokholm today, hence why a blog at this time!  Strong winds and horizontal rain has islanders scuttling for shelter.  Sea-watching has been a rather damp and difficult affair and to date only common sea-birds have been noted, albeit in impressive numbers and close.

Last night we worked on catching Storm Petrels again, finishing at about 2.30am.  Working as a team with mist net extractors, ringers and recorders , we managed to catch just over a hundred birds, with just a few recaptured birds from the previous session.

The below images were taken on Skokholm in the sunshine yesterday...


Neil H and Neil M


Juvenile Herring Gull
(exceptionally white upper
tail for this species at this age)


Juvenile Great
Black-backed Gull
Adult Great
Black-backed Gull

Two big influences on
Skokholm - Rabbit and

Juvenile Raven
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