Friday, 31 May 2013

Scotland Day 5 (Wednesday 29th May)


Apologies for the delay in blogs and images.  The last couple of days has seen us out and about by 6am and not back in until 11pm, so there has been little precious time for updating the blog etc!

Wednesday was spent exploring the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in stunning weather.  A pre-breakfast walk in to the Invedruie Woodlands was sufficient to find Crossbill, Tree Pipit and the first of ridiculously large numbers of Spotted Flycatchers for the day.  Further woodland and moorland at Glenborrowdale hosted good numbers of day-flying moths and butterflies, most of which were too flighty to identify!  Wood Warbler, Redstart and more Tree Pipits and Spotted Flycatchers were the pick of the birds.  Cat and Pine Marten scats were located but no sightings of the animals themselves!

The hills and moors up here echo to the sound of calling Cuckoos.  It seems we are finding more in one day than I see in a whole spring back home!  We are more and more compelled to think that west Scotland is where all our summer visitors now live!  Virtually all the warblers are represented in good numbers.

The lighthouse and headland at Ardnamurchan Point is a useful sea-watch location and we watched a variety of seabirds venturing past - good numbers of rafting Manx Shearwaters were probably the best.  Birding in the end third of the peninsula yielded interesting passerines in the forms of Twite, Whinchat, Wheatear, Stonechat, Rock Pipit and others.


Eleanor and Neil

Wood Warbler

Hooded Crow

Meadow Pipit

Willow Warbler

Highland Cow

Red Deer

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