Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pitsford update


At Pitsford Reservoir, there is a daily moth catch which after a poor spring and early summer is now seeing more diversity including several species of hawk moths.  The meadows between the causeway and the Bird Club hide are full of a variety of plants and colours and are attracting day-flying moths including large numbers of Chimney Sweep.  On the bird-front, the young Oystercatchers on the tern rafts have sadly reduced to two birds, but they are growing fast and should be capable of their first flight efforts during this coming week.  Although the broods are quickly reduced, female Mallards have bred in good numbers and there are a number of ducklings of various sizes hidden away in the margins.  We await other species of waterfowl to follow suit (hopefully).  Small flocks of Lapwings and Black-headed Gulls are slowly increasing as birds are dispersing from their breeding areas.  There has been a mobile 2nd year Yellow-legged Gull present for at least two days and a couple of 1st year Great Black-backs remain.  At least one Raven shows irregularly south of the causeway and a few south bound passerines in the shape of Grey Wagtail, Sand Martin, Siskin and Crossbill indicate post-breeding movement which will no doubt gain more momentum as we move through July.


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