Birdwatching Site Maps


This page seeks to catalogue maps of some of the more well-known birding sites in the county.  For many birders these sites will already be familiar, but where possible we intend to include landmarks or local names on the maps so that the locations of interesting birds are easier to appreciate and locate.  The following maps relate to the Blueberry Farm set-aside complex near Maidwell, Harrington (disused) Airfield, Stanwick Pits, Summer Leys LNR, Salcey Forest, Hollowell Reservoir, Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Welford and Sulby Reservoirs, Naseby Reservoir and Pitsford Reservoir. All have kindly been compiled by Neil Hasdell. An addition is the reserve known as Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows, part of the Ditchford Gravel Pits complex and managed by The Wildlife Trust. The map has been compiled by Ian Wilson the previous warden for this exciting reserve.

Like the images, the maps should increase in size if you click on it. They are also designed to be printed in A4 size.

Eleanor & Neil
August 2020

Blueberry Farm near Maidwell

Harrington (disused) Airfield

Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows
Reserve, Ditchford Gravel Pits courtesy
of Ian Wilson.

Hollowell Reservoir.

Pitsford Reservoir.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir.

Summer Leys LNR (Earls Barton)

Salcey Forest.

Welford and Sulby Reservoirs.

Naseby Reservoir.

Stanwick Gravel Pits/Lakes

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Unknown said...

Thanks to Neil Hasdell for contributing what promises to be an extremely useful set of resources. At long last I'll be able to understand many of the location references in reports of visits made to Harrington Airfield, blueberry Farm, etc.

Cheers, Neil!