Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Yet more Siskins!


Again another day with limited opportunities to go looking for wildlife but three observers at Harrington Airfield this morning pooled a list which included at least four Common Redstarts, a Whinchat, a Wheatear, a Peregrine and two Turtle Doves. A constant flow of Siskin continues to pour in and through the county with one flock of over fifty birds. Two Common Redstarts persist in their favoured hedgerow at Blueberry Farm. Maidwell.

Chris Payne conducted some ringing in his Greens Norton garden this morning and he caught and processed twenty Goldfinches, eighteen Greenfinches, fifteen Blue Tits plus a single Blackcap and a Robin.

Neil Hasdell saw three Great White Egrets and an adult Yellow-legged Gull in the Scaldwell Bay at Pitsford Reservoir and Stuart confirmed the continued presence of Common Crossbills at Wakerley Wood with several in the larches around the car park.

Steve Fisher counted nine Cattle Egrets roosting in a tree at Stanwick Pits at the west end this morning and saw a Caspian Gull on the Visitor Centre Pit and eight Yellow-legged Gulls this afternoon.

A Barn Owl was again hunting the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this evening.


Neil M

The trail camera is still
recording nightly Hedgehog
visits to the garden but efforts
at deploying the camera elsewhere
for perhaps scarcer animals has 
so far drawn a blank.

Male Kestrel courtesy of
Robin Gossage.

Juvenile Kestrel courtesy
of Robin Gossage.

The Stonechat should now
begin to migrate through the 
county with good numbers in
 recent years. Image courtesy
 of Robin Gossage.

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