Monday, 22 June 2020

Here comes the heat!


Well we started as the week is meant to go on with a warm, sunny if breezy day.

The predicted heat wave for this coming week should coincide with the emergence of some of our most spectacular butterflies and other insects and I'm sure the entomologists will be keen to go exploring!

Staying with insects and specifically butterflies, a Dark Green Fritillary was seen at Summer Leys LNR this morning on the small meadow in the north east corner, an excellent local record. Three Marbled Whites and a Clouded Yellow were on the old airstrip leading up to the bunkers at Harrington Airfield this afternoon. The Fermyn Woods complex is well-known for its butterflies and today there were Marbled Whites in the Country Park there, and at least eight White Admirals and three Silver-washed Fritillaries in the woods. Nearby at Souther Wood a single Purple Emperor showed well. Another Purple Emperor showed on the ground at Bucknell Wood at the other end of the county.

Bird news today included an Arctic Tern this morning at Hollowell Reservoir, an Osprey successfully fishing at Elinor Lake, Thrapston Pits just after midday and three Siskins moving over Harrington Airfield in a southerly direction this afternoon. Other birds on the move today included a small movement of Swifts moving south over Hanging Houghton, two flocks totaling about thirty birds.

A Turtle Dove was seen at a site in the county today and two Kingfishers were on the brook in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this evening.


Neil M

Silver-washed Fritillary.

White Admiral.

Dark Green Fritillary.

Juvenile Jackdaw. Lots of these
youngsters out and about now!
Image courtesy of John Tilly.

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