Monday, 8 June 2020

Cuckoo, Crossbills and Swallows


A breezier morning than anticipated but the day calmed to a sedate evening.

The Harrington Airfield Quail was audible on and off today, sticking in much the same place near to the piles of sand 100 - 150m from the concrete track main entrance. Please do not enter the trackside vegetation or crop. Efforts at hearing the Scotland Wood Farm bird both yesterday afternoon and this afternoon were unsuccessful. A Spotted Flycatcher was singing in nearby Scotland Wood today (private woodland).

Birds at Hollowell Reservoir today included an early morning Osprey and later a flock of four Common Scoters (one drake, three females) were reported.

Steve Brayshaw recorded a flock of about twelve Crossbills in Denton Wood which is a restricted area of Yardley Chase with no general access, a typical record for this time of the year. A single Siskin there is also not unprecedented.

Kenny Cramer caught and ringed his third Cuckoo of the year at Linford Lakes this evening and he's hoping for more! Chris Payne was busy ringing nestling Swallows today which at least in his neck of the woods (South Northants) seem to be doing fine.

Finally Matt Hazleton located two Black-tailed Godwits at Summer Leys this evening, again another typical date (are they on their way to breeding grounds or are they failed breeders on their way back)?


Neil M

Cuckoo courtesy of
Kenny Cramer.

Swallow nestlings at
two different stages of
development by Chris

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