Friday, 5 June 2020

Blustery Friday


A blustery day with plenty of sunshine this afternoon and very few birds of note reported for Northamptonshire. The anticipated Rosy Starling invasion is underway but the majority of the birds have been found on headlands, islands and coastal areas all around the UK. In due course it is likely that birds will be found inland, most likely with Starlings.

Four Cattle Egrets were accompanying the herd of cattle at Stanwick Pits this morning and a drake Garganey and a Ringed Plover were located at Summer Leys LNR. Two Yellow-legged Gulls were at the south end of Pitsford Reservoir this morning where the strong north westerly wind and cool conditions funneled the local Swift and House Martin population to where the insects were, in the lee of the trees by the Sailing Club.


Neil M

Adult and juvenile
Goldfinches. The first
brood juveniles have
been out for a little while
now and the long Goldfinch
breeding season should
produce plenty more youngsters
yet. Most of the juveniles
won't fully adopt the distinctive
 face pattern of the adults until
the early autumn. All images
courtesy of John Tilly.

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