Thursday, 14 May 2020

Cool, bright and fabulous!


Another frost and another day of cold air but plenty of sunshine - I don't think I can remember such a bright spring!

Quite a bit of ground covered locally and it's great to hear and see so many warblers - Common Whitethroats and Blackcaps in particular seem to have enjoyed an excellent arrival. A Spotted Flycatcher flew over our garden twice this morning and made it on to the May garden list as did Bullfinch and this evening two vocal Common Terns flew over and were further additions. We missed a Cuckoo which was calling north of the village this morning! A Turtle Dove was seen in the NN6 postal district today.

The best find in the county today was a Wood Sandpiper at the rarely visited Ecton Sewer Works, on a pool at the eastern end of the complex. Stanwick Pits yielded a pair of Garganey, two Cattle Egrets and a Common Sandpiper on the main pit.

Thrapston Pits hosted a Hobby, three Cuckoos, a pair of Shelduck, a family of Oystercatchers, a Green Sandpiper and a mass of singing warblers of nine species. The Earls Barton Pits complex attracted good numbers of Hobbies today with four at Quarry Walk and others over Summer Leys and Mary's Lake. A Peregrine was at Quarry Walk too and a Black-tailed Godwit was in Wader Bay on the Summer Leys reserve with a Common Sandpiper and Four spotted Chaser Dragonfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly too. Graham Martin saw a Curlew between Bozenham and Hartwell.

Two Barn Owls were hunting at Blueberry Farm this evening, a Little Owl was again in the valley below Hanging Houghton and a Spotted Flycatcher was at Maidwell churchyard.


Neil M

Juvenile Pied Wagtail
Pitsford Reservoir dam.

Robin. Some pairs of this
species and also Blackbirds will
already be trying for their second
 broods of the season and many of
 the adults are already looking
 worn out!

There seem to be plenty
of Brown Hares about this
spring, definitely one of my
favourite mammals!

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