Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Female Robin on her nest.
Male Robin standing guard!

Images courtesy of Chris Payne.


A softer wind today and some nice periods of sunshine inched us towards some seasonal warmth.

Several early breeding passerines are trying their luck at early broods and some of the tits which have to carefully coordinate their breeding efforts so that their youngsters hatch at the same time caterpillers emerge, are building too.

Still Fieldfares whizzing around today but the first day for me for a long time without a Redwing.

This afternoon Pitsford Reservoir hosted a Great White Egret in the Scaldwell Bay plus a pair of Oystercatcher, a Swallow and forty Golden Plovers flew NW.


Neil M

Spot the Blackbird nest if you can?

Courtesy of Helen Franklin.

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