Saturday, 28 March 2020

More garden images!


Well it has been a great deal windier today than I was expecting, and pretty cool when I did venture out! The predicted couple hours of hours of sunshine didn't really materialise where I was this morning but then we shouldn't complain after such a sunny last week.

David Arden has kindly forwarded some images of creatures in his excellent wildlife garden in Spratton over the last few days which includes wild flowers, mammals and birds.

Living where we do at Hanging Houghton we do catch the wind and although there has been plenty of birds in the garden the powerful gusts upsets them and their feeding bouts tend to be in short snatches. Nevertheless daytime TV doesn't have a patch on a gaudy male Yellowhammer, stunning Reed Bunting and indeed most of the birds that visit regularly.

A venture to Pitsford Reservoir this morning yielded a drake Mandarin Duck in flight over the causeway, two Great White Egrets (in non-breeding plumage) in the Scaldwell Bay and three singing spring Blackcaps, the first I've heard and seen. There were two Yellow-legged Gulls visible from the dam yesterday afternoon.

Eleanor's daily forays into the Brampton Valley between Hanging Houghton and the Blueberry Farm complex has yielded a lingering Peregrine and this afternoon a Barn Owl.


Neil M

Collared Dove courtesy
of John Tilly.

Voles and Blackcaps
love apple!



Wood Anemones.
All images courtesy of
David Arden and his garden!

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