Thursday, 5 March 2020

Cool Thursday


Eleanor's foray in to the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this morning yielded the two hunting Barn Owls again, and they were still at it this evening too. It seems likely that they are struggling to find anything to eat and perhaps explains the reason why so many people are reporting day-flying Barn Owls in the county currently.

A quick hour in a cool breeze at Harrington Airfield this morning produced another hunting Barn Owl there at 10.20am and a Woodcock was seen too.

Eric spent some time at Thrapston Pits this afternoon and was rewarded with great views of a Marsh Harrier, two Great White Egrets and a female Stonechat. Tony Vials saw a female Scaup at Ditchford Pits today, the bird being seen on Dragonfly Lake.


Neil M

Cormorants. The breeding season
is already underway for this species!
Images courtesy of Robin Gossage.

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