Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Garden Influx

The drop in temperature has caused an influx in the number of birds visiting our garden and caused a feeding frenzy.  I have filled the bird feeders up three times today. At one point I counted over 40 Goldfinches in the garden, they were feeding on the ground, sitting on the hedge or busy on the sunflower and niger feeders. A surprise visitor today were 2 Lesser Redpolls, birds that I haven't seen in the garden for a while.  

At one point you couldn't see the lawn and garden for birds, Woodpigeons, Chaffinches, Blackbirds, 2 Reed Buntings, 2 Yellowhammers, a Tree Sparrow, Blackcap, Nuthatches, Pied Wagtails and Long tailed Tits all busy feeding.  Even a few Starlings put in an appearance as did a female Sparrowhawk.

The squirrels are also attracted by the free food and they have been quite comical to watch.  At one point 2 of them were playing tug of war with a slice of bread and eventually they both ran off with their prize. 

Again my birding has been limited. I visited Harrington yesterday morning and witnessed a superb acrobatic display by a Peregrine Falcon as she chased and hunted the small flock of Golden Plover. The Goldies gave her a good run for her money and looked stunning against the blue sky as they tried to out maneuver her and I felt quite sad when she managed to catch one.  A Short eared Owl which I assume is the long standing bird was again present near bunker two along with a Woodcock.  A couple of Bramblings and Siskins flew over.   The regular group of 4 Ravens were also in the area.

The other birds of note yesterday were a Great White Egret standing on the flooded field between Holcot and Walgrave and a Barn Owl below Hanging Houghton. Today I had a quick look at Pitsford but didn't see anything of note and late this afternoon I went to Harrington where I saw absolutely nothing !! so typical of Harrington and it was a very bleak place.

Regards Eleanor 

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