Thursday, 7 November 2019

Egrets and owls


A bit of a surprise this morning for Lynne Barnett at Maidwell when she noticed a Great White Egret perched on an outbuilding in the garden! I think we recognise that Grey Herons regularly tour gardens looking for food, particularly in the breeding season, but I think this is the first time a GWE has been witnessed doing it locally!

A quick scan into the Scaldwell Bay at Pitsford Reservoir this morning produced two Great White Egrets, three Red-crested Pochard (two drakes) and a female Stonechat.

At Harrington Airfield this afternoon there were plenty of the regular raptors active and a male 'grey' harrier (presumably a Hen but just not seen well enough) at range for just a couple of wing flaps before it disappeared below the lie of the land. Other birds included a couple of vocal Bramblings and a covey of four Grey Partridges.

At Neville's Lodge this afternoon Tom Green located two Short-eared Owls which were vocal and also Grey Partridge and Snipe too.

Jacob Spinks has spent much of the year at Spurn on the Yorkshire coast and naturally has seen a great deal of rare and scarce birds. Whilst working there he has also committed to a little ringing and yesterday caught and ringed a Long-eared Owl, surely one of the most stunning birds to be encountered as a ringer or birdwatcher.


Neil M

Great White Egret
at Maidwell courtesy
of Lynne Barnett.

Jacob Spinks with
Long-eared Owl.

The beautiful Long-eared
Owl courtesy of Bethan Clyne.

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