Saturday, 10 August 2019

Strong winds but no birds (yet)!


Well despite being out and about quite a bit today I didn't find much of interest. The strong winds so far don't seem to have provided any extra birds for us...but sometimes it's the calm days after the stormy ones which provides the birds.

I saw a Hobby near Maidwell easily coping with the strong gusts and three Ravens with other corvids on fields near Hanging Houghton were not overawed by the conditions.

So the remainder of this blog posting is devoted to photos!


Neil M

Common Tern by
Phil Davies.

Yellow-legged Gull
by Robin Gossage.

Gold at the end of the rainbow!
Golden Plover by Robin Gossage.

Common Buzzard by
John Tilly.

Wren by
John Tilly.

Song Thrush
by John Tilly.

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